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Wine Glass 55cl
Recommended for: Cannonau di Sardegna Doc, Tai Rosso Colli Berici Doc, Côtes du Rhône Aoc, Syrah-Grenache


Special Features
Its masterful design brings to light precious background notes such as floral and spicy, perfect for the tasting of full-bodied wines. Enhanced by the bowl shape, the aromatic perception will be intense and balanced. 


The cylindrical bowl directs the flow of wine to the centre of the tongue for true taste.


Product Facts
- SON.hyx high-tech blown lead-free crystal, colorless sparkling body
- Titanium reinforced stem and extra light weight
- Pulled stem production means smooth & seamless body
- Thin rim by Laser cutting
- Dishwasher safe


Diameter 93 mm
Height 242 mm


Made in Italy


Colour Box Pack

VINEA Wine Glass 55cl (Pack of 2)

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