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Wine Glass 45cl
Recommended for: Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Chianti Classico


Special Features
Light-weighted, well-balanced dimensions and design. Its shape enhances the complex bouquet of full-bodied and fruity wines making them more prestigious and bringing out specific aromas such as floral & fresh vegetable.


The cylindrical bowl directs the flow of wine to the centre and sides of the tongue for true taste.


Product Facts
- SON.hyx high-tech blown lead-free crystal, colorless sparkling body
- Titanium reinforced stem and extra light weight
- Pulled stem production means smooth & seamless body
- Thin rim by Laser cutting
- Dishwasher safe


Diameter 87 mm
Height 230 mm


Made in Italy


Colour Box Pack

VINEA Wine Glass 45cl (Pack of 6)

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